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Feuchtigkeitspflege, Schönheitspflege, Anti-Age-Behandlung oder auch Aufbaupflege... Entdecken Sie unsere Gesichtspflege-Angebote.
Nuage d'eau
Moisturising and regenerating facial which boosts the skin’s natural elasticity and oxygenates tissues for an incredible sensation of freshness and well-being. The ultimate radiance treatment.
60 min 95.00 €
Soin purifiant Poudre de douceur
Exfoliating almond shell powder and soothing magnolia, cotton and marine spring water for a radiant complexion and a perfectly soft skin.
60 min 95.00 €
Soin lumière Source de clarté
Discover a pure complexion without imperfections. The brightening program for the face, neck and décolleté restores natural luminosity and enhances the skin tone, revealing a flawless skin.
60 min 95.00 €
Soin douceur de soie
Soothing and regenerating facial for sensible skins.
60 min 95.00 €
Soin anti-âge Secrets du temps
Intensive treatment to smooth wrinkles and fine lines and tone facial contours. A facial rich in ultra-effective active ingredients for a spectacular anti-ageing result.
90 min 135.00 €
Unsere Pflege- und Massage-Angebote

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